Why are Organic Cotton Baby clothes so Expensive?


Gone are the days when people used to pick the clothes for their kids just from anywhere. Nowadays, people have become so selective that they measure the cloth on various parameters before buying. Nowadays, the demand for organic cotton clothing is on the inclined graph because people are buying clothes just like anything. With the increasing interest of people towards organic clothes, the reported companies like joah love are producing organic clothes in a huge number.

Though, organic clothes are much expensive as compared to the other available options in the market but the organic clothes have valid reasons for the same. Do you know, the actual time required for manufacturing the clothes is higher before sewing and after sewing, the process is very fast and you can get thousands of clothes in some days only?

The major reason behind the high cost of organic clothes is growth and harvesting. A huge amount of money is required for growing and harvesting the organic cotton. When we are supposed to keep the pests at the bay from the cotton, it requires more time. So, obviously, the cost of the organic cotton would be more. Hence, the price of the clothes will also be more. This is the only reason due to which organic clothes by Joah Love are expensive. For example, joah love romper are costly as compared to the other clothes.

Past several years ago, it has been reported that kids suffer from several skin diseases due to the clothes. After thorough research, it has been observed that they are getting these diseases due to the chemicals used during the processing. Not only processing involved chemicals, but during the growth and harvesting, several companies use chemicals and trade the cotton with them. But, things are different in organic cotton clothes.

Though, all the companies do not offer completely organic clothes. Though they promise for doing the same but they actually do not offer the same. This is why it is always suggested to go for the reputed companies as compared to the other ones. For example, when you will compare the joah love shorts with the other brand clothes, you can easily mark the difference.